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    Notes internacionals CIDOB, núm. 18

    Notes internacionals CIDOB, núm. 18

    Pushing Iran against the wall: More than Just a Regional Problem

    • Publisher:
    • CIDOB
    • Ejournal: Notes Internacionals CIDOB
    • Place of publication:  Barcelona , Spain
    • ISSN: 2013-4428
    • Place of publication:  Barcelona , Spain
    • Year: 2010
    • Month: July
    • Nº: 18

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    The recent EU, US and UN decisions to impose sanctions on Iran have met with varying degrees of response by key world players. Global experience with the effectiveness of sanctions in bringing about behavioural or regime change has not been a particularly happy one –the sanctions imposed by the West on Iraq, for instance, arguably worsened the lot of the Iraqi people, particularly children, without appearing to affect Saddam Hussein’s rule; and their ineffectiveness ultimately led to the US-led invasion of Iraq. Sanctions against Myanmar, another regime distasteful to the West, also seem to have achieved little.