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    Notes internacionals CIDOB, núm. 12

    Notes internacionals CIDOB, núm. 12

    Turkey's bold new visa diplomacy

    • Publisher:
    • CIDOB
    • Ejournal: Notes Internacionals CIDOB
    • Place of publication:  Barcelona , Spain
    • ISSN: 2013-4428
    • Place of publication:  Barcelona , Spain
    • Year: 2010
    • Month: March
    • Nº: 12

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    The free movement of people is emerging as an increasingly significant factor in Turkey’s foreign relations. The growing prominence of mobility in political debate reflects the rising attention that Turkey is paying to its neighbours. While this policy has specific strategic and economic objectives, ordinary people are beginning to benefit from its trickle-down effects. This is the case for Devrim Günçe, export manager at Knauf Turkey, a supplier of building materials. For this Turkish businessman from Izmit, travelling to neighbouring countries is becoming easier by the day. Recently, Turkey began lifting visa requirements with a series of neighbours: In October 2009, visas with Syria and Qatar were abolished, Jordan and Libya followed in November 2009 and Lebanon in January 2010. Russia, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia and Egypt could soon be added to the list. Meanwhile, obtaining a visa to travel to EU countries remains a very complex procedure for Turkish citizens.