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Notes internacionals CIDOB, núm. 11

Notes internacionals CIDOB, núm. 11

Pakistan's "Elephant in the room". The Mysterious Case of Balochistan

  • Éditeur:
  • Ejournal: Notes Internacionals CIDOB
  • Lieu de publication:  Barcelona , Spain
  • ISSN: 2013-4428
  • Lieu de publication:  Barcelona , Spain
  • Année: 2010
  • Mois : Février
  • Nº: 11

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Situated between Iran, Afghanistan and the Arabian sea, Balo-chistan is the largest of Pakistan’s four provinces. Yet, paradoxi-cally, it is also the poorest - despite being generously endowed with natural resources that provide vast rangeland for cattle and other livestock. Its southern border makes up about two-thirds of the national coastline, giving access to a large pool of fishery resources. It has large deposits of coal, lead, copper, gold and other minerals. The province is ideally situated for trade with Iran, Afghanistan, Central Asia and the Persian Gulf countries. Over the last four decades, the province supplied cheap natu-ral gas to Pakistan’s economic centres, and indeed, its Sui gas fields can be said to have fuelled Pakistan’s 20th century industri-alization.