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La poesía creacionista de Gerardo Diego

La poesía creacionista de Gerardo Diego

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In purporting a wider and more encompassing view of Creacionismo, Porrata convinces the reader that this literary movement, while maintaining its artistic integrity, also allowed for the personalized and varying poetic styles of Gerardo Diego. The originality of the present work lies in Porrata's perceptive study of Gerardo Diego's religiosity which allows the poet to conceive of his poetry as a continuation of God's creative act through literary expression. This study represents a significant contribution to literary criticism and theory because it approaches, in a methodical, objective and balanced manner, the hotly debated issues regarding Creacionismo?s radical and revolutionary independence from all previous artistic form and technique, Salvatore Poeta, scholar and literary critic. Useful reference volume for undergraduate and graduate students as well as research scholars of contemporary Spanish literature.