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La fuga

La fuga

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 This exciting novel offers a fresh look at the spiritual hunger of Peru's youth and he search for their place in society. Talented author/physician Elias Hasbun, M.D., shows with great mastery and originality the inner quest of the military cadets through a physical and spiritual escape. This quest shows a perfect panorama of Peruvian society with a special focus on the role of religious and military powers. With a pessimistic vision of today's society and a literature of contrasts, La Fuga shows a group of young men stepping away from reality and embracing a set of pure spiritual values while traveling through Peru, from urban military and religious schools to rural areas.

This novel expounds on issues such as innocence, humility, comradeship, poverty, and a return to nature while rediscovering religious principles, the power of the military and religious authorities on people's lives and beliefs. It is a brilliant addition to any college and university library. It is a must read for students of Latin American literature and history, and an exemplary model of expository prose for aspiring authors.