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The politics of dissensus: parliament in debate

The politics of dissensus: parliament in debate

  • Author: Palonen, Kari; Rosales, Jose María; Turkka, Tapani (eds.)
  • Publisher: Ediciones Universidad de Cantabria
  • Serie: CUP
  • ISBN: 9788481027051
  • eISBN Pdf: 9788481027013
  • Place of publication:  Santander , Spain
  • Year: 2014
  • Pages: 520

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The “Politics of Dissensus” inverts the traditional perspective on the study of parliamentary politics by focusing on its less obvious and less well-known aspects. Dissensus instead of consensus becomes the condition for the intelligibility of parliamentary politics. Such politics is indebted to the rhetorical culture of addressing issues from opposite perspectives and debating the alternatives pro et contra: no motion is approved without a thorough examination of, and confrontation among, imaginable alternatives. Establishing the openness of political debating, parliamentarism has become a distinctive historical contribution to the rise of parliamentary democracy. ”Parliament in Debate” refers to the paradigmatic institution for political deliberation, the debates surrounding its legislative activity, as well as the supervision of government and administration. Parliament has become a fascinating object of scrutiny as a political institution adopted and developed by different political traditions. In a nutshell, the book retrieves the study of parliamentary politics to present political theory and action in the parliamentary mode. It is a book on the relevance of parliamentarism to the study of politics and a book on the comparative conceptual and institutional history of parliamentary politics.