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AM:STARS AM:STARs Cases Studies in Adolescent Health

AM:STARS AM:STARs Cases Studies in Adolescent Health

Adolescent Medicine: State of the Art Reviews,

  • Author: Kulig, John
  • Publisher:
  • American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Ejournal: Adolescent Medicine: State of the Art
  • Place of publication:  Illinois , United States
  • ISBN: 9781581106022
  • eISBN Pdf: 9781581107746
  • ISSN: 1934-4287
  • Place of publication:  Illinois , United States
  • Year: 2012
  • Vol: 23
  • Nº: 2
  • Pages: 208
  • CDU: MED069000

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AM:STARs: Adolescent Medicine: State of the Art Reviews is the official publication of the AAP Section on Adolescent Health. Published 3 times per year, the journal offers adolescent medicine specialists and other primary care physicians who treat adolescents state of the art information on all matters relating to adolescent health and wellness. Each issue centers on a specific topic area and experts in those areas are invited to contribute review articles that cover the most up to date information available.
Each case presentation in this issue has a lesson to teach.  As with the previous volume, contributions were solicited by open invitation on the Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine’s listserv, and authors were instructed to submit concise case presentations with a discussion and a limited number of references.  Many of the first authors are physician fellows in adolescent medicine.  Cases are presented in alphabetical order by first author’s last name.  Medical, surgical, mental health and ethical challenges are addressed.  Cases include common adolescent health problems with unusual presentations as well as unusual disorders (“zebras”) rarely encountered in adolescence.  Readers are invited to formulate a differential diagnosis based upon the case presentation before reading the discussion.  We are confident that even our most experienced and senior clinicians in adolescent health care have not encountered the full range of conditions described in this volume.

List of articles in Case Studies in Adolescent Health include:
  • An unusual complication of rapid weight loss
  • Beyond pharyngitis
  • The curious case of the disappearing teen
  • Acute neck pain following a large meal and vomiting
  • Evolving neurologic symptoms in a previously healthy adolescent male
  •  “Picky eater” with a stomping gait
  • Fever, cough and syncope in a critically ill adolescent
  • Leg swelling in a patient with anorexia nervosa
  • Do television exercise commercials contribute to eating disorders?
  • Restless legs syndrome:  An often overlooked diagnosis
  • Adolescent with an abdominal mass
  • Takayasu disease associated with severe osteoporosis
  • Bilateral scrotal pain
  • Acute onset of nausea, difficulty walking and eye “spots”
  • "These muscle cramps are holding me back.” -A  star basketball player with muscle cramps
  • Multiple visits for abdominal pain, constipation and “I need a test for sexually transmitted diseases.”
  • New rash
  • An adolescent female with abdominal pain and chronic cough
  • A cheerleader with weight loss and amenorrhea
  • Could it be . . . something other than PID?
  • Weight down, bilirubin up/weight up, bilirubin down:  The strange case of the malnourished adolescent with intermittent jaundice, elevated bilirubin and normal liver enzymes
  • Heart-breaking obesity
  • A hairy situation
  • Severe hypernatremia in an adolescent with an eating disorder
  • Dizziness and bradycardia for investigation
  • An adolescent with abnormal uterine bleeding: An uncommon cause for a common complaint
  • A common presentation of a rare genetic disorder clinically mimicking primary myopathy