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 Orígenes. Revista de Arte y Literatura, was published in Havana in the spring of 1944, when the first issue comes out, until 1956, when it appears the 40th.
The magazine opened quietly and slowly, a path of culture and morality that caught the attention of major writers and intellectuals of the country, the continent and the world.
Alfredo Lozano, Mariano Rodríguez, José Lezama Lima and José Rodríguez Feo, were the editors of the first number. Two artists and two writers, who also later joined by renowned musicians. From the fifth volume (1945) editors are reduced to two writers, Lezama Lima and Rodriguez Feo, core of the publication.




Octavio Paz wrote that the journal Origins was the best literary magazine in Latin America

  • Éditeur: Orígenes
  • Lieu de publication:  La Habana, Cuba
  • Langue : Espagnol

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