Feb 25, 2015

New Collection: Castalia Ediciones

Digitalia presents Castalia Ediciones, quality Literature to satisfy the most demanding reader.

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New Collection: Galaxia Gutenberg

Digitalia presents the catalog of Galaxia Gutenberg, the prestigious editorial house with strong cultural content.



Ocho y Medio has conducted a successful editorial work related to the world of cinema. Known mainly for its editing screenplays, it has expanded its publishing catalog with the addition of other collections that guide cinema and audiovisual media lovers:

* Colección Espiral: Collection of screenplays.
* Colección Fahrenheit 451: Collection of texts about cinema.
* Colección Furtivos: A collection to fly away from the world of cinema.
* Colección Cautivos del Mal: Biographies & Memoirs studies.

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50 años de soledad
Sportorno, Radomiro
800 Balas
Iglesia, Alex de la Guerricaechevarría, Jorge
Acción mutante
De la Iglesia, Alex Guerricaechevarría, Jorge
Agustín González
Millás, Lola
Al Sur de Granada
Colomo, Fernando
Alas de mariposa
Bajo Ulloa, Juanma; Bajo Ulloa, Eduardo
Díaz Yanes, Agustín
Amor idiota
Pons, Ventura
Animación ilimitada
Faber, Liz Walters, Helen

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