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New Collection: Castalia Ediciones

Digitalia presents Castalia Ediciones, quality Literature to satisfy the most demanding reader.

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New Collection: Galaxia Gutenberg

Digitalia presents the catalog of Galaxia Gutenberg, the prestigious editorial house with strong cultural content.



Ediciones Godot is an independent publisher narive of Argentina and founded in early 2008 with the clear intention to publish texts that the market had forgotten.

Among other collections of Mr. Godot, three are highlighted: Exhumaciones, Crítica and ForasterosExhumaciones is to put into play texts that even with the weight of time are still modern, either because of their ideological statements or because of their aesthetics to politics, art and literature.  In Crítica are published contemporary authors with an academic style. In Forasteros, Mr. Godot's team is dedicated in translating foreign fiction texts.


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Andar ligero
Strucchi, Emilce
Cuentos completos
Woolf, Virginia
Cuentos de Pompeyo
Maslíah, Leo
Diario de Moscú
Benjamin, Walter
El entramado
Ferrer, Christian
Flatland. Un mundo plano.
Abbott Abbott, Edwin
La risa
Bergson, Henri
La sociedad carnívora
Marcuse, Herbert

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