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Cilengua is the publisher of the San Millán Cogolla Foundation, established for the conservation and management of the "emilianense heritage" and cultural aspects related to it, following the declaration of the monasteries of Suso and Yuso as a World Heritage Site in 1997. The Foundation, which develops multiple activities of cultural and social issues in the field of cultural heritage Rioja, is provided as well with a research and development center, officially recognized to institutionalize the study of one of the oldest and most representative cultural heritages of the Iberian Peninsula, which has an undeniable importance in the national assembly.

Cilengua operates through three research institutes: the first "Origins of the Spanish" Institute, led by Professor Claudio García Turza; the "History of Language" Institute, headed by José Antonio Pascual, and the one called "Literature and Translation" Institute, led by Professor Carlos Alvar Ezquerra.


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Biblia de Abraham Asá los doce profetas menores
Albarral Albarral, Purificación A,
Edición crítica del Libro de Isaías
Fernández López, María del Carmen

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