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New Collection: Galaxia Gutenberg

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New Collection: Visor Libros

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Ediciones Universidad de Cantabria

The main activity of this editorial house is editing research papers developed at national and international universities. In addition to editorial collaborations, design and technical advice.

Since mid-2010 has developed another series of actions in order to furt
her clarify the editorial work of the university and make clear strategic commitment to quality. So we've created two new brands or imprints, clearly distinguishing the functions and objectives of each to allow to continue to fulfill its tasks while clearly identifying quality books with publishing brand: PUbliCan Editions (Institutional Publications) University of Cantabria Editions (Publication of scientific and research monographs) and Cantabria University Press (scientific publications in English).


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Antología griega
Fuentenebro Vírseda, Araceli; Suárez Alonso, Helena; Merino Martínez, José Igancio; Vega Vega, Mar
El precio de mercado
Hoyo Aparicio, Andrés
Polo Pujadas, Magda
Furor et rabies
Fortea Pérez, José Ignacio; Gelabert, Juan E.; Mantecón Movellán, Tomás Antonio
Historia de los salazoneros italianos en Cantabria
Escudero Domínguez, Luis Javier
La sublevación frustrada
Solla Gutiérrez, Miguel Ángel
Oterino Durán, Agustín
Organización y control de obras
Castro Fresno, Daniel ; Aja Setién, José Luis
Santander hace un siglo
Suárez Cortina, Manuel

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