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New Collection: Castalia Ediciones

Digitalia presents Castalia Ediciones, quality Literature to satisfy the most demanding reader.

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New Collection: Galaxia Gutenberg

Digitalia presents the catalog of Galaxia Gutenberg, the prestigious editorial house with strong cultural content.


Editorial Cuarto Propio

Since its foundation in 1984, Editorial Cuarto Propio has played a decisive role in the dissemination of critical thinking and literature, which makes a great cultural contribution.

Inspired by Virginia Woolf's feminist manifesto created to output and critical thinking banned during the dictatorship, this publishing house has accompanied a major number of national authors.

After 28 years Cuarto Propio follows the course charted outside the maps drawn by the market, contributing to reflection and creating more than 500 titles published in Chile and abroad.


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Antes de la fuga
Hernández, Isabel
Aulas que permanecerán vacías
Faunes Amigo, Martín
Poblete, Nicolás
Cien microcuentos chilenos
Epple, Juan Armando
Cuaderno de deportes
Hernández, Elvira
Debajo de la lengua
Hernández, Héctor
Dejame que te cuente
Gallardo, Juanita
Desdén al infortunio
Blanco, Fernando
Pérez Morales, Maori
Ostornol, Antonio

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