Apr 17, 2014

New Collection: Visor Libros

Digitalia presents the best collection of poetry in Spanish Language.

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New Collection: Arte Público Press

The oldest and most accomplished publisher of contemporary and recovered literature by U.S. Hispanic authors.


Editorial Universidad Oberta de Catalunya

The Editorial UOC presents a live catalog of over 850 works. 

This is the challenge of the editor: the assembly of talent to provide readers with the best works. In this case, it comes to university textbooks for students, popular books, and books of essays and research for teachers. And, specifically, it will be widely published on Communication, broadly, because communication is the engine of our world today.


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A propósito del turismo. La construcción social del espacio turístico
Antón Clavé, Salvador; González Reverté, Francesc
Acceso abierto a la ciencia
Abadal Falgueras, Ernest
Acción socioeducativa con infancias y adolescencias
Fryd, Paola (coord.); Abal, Alicia; Leopold, Sandra; Miranda, Fernando; Medel, Encarna; Moyano, Segundo
Alfabetización mediática y nuevo humanismo
Pérez Tornero, José Manuel ; Varis, Tapio
Análisis de datos de encuestas
Díaz de Rada, Vidal
Análisis de la economía española. Hacia un nuevo modelo de crecimiento
Lladós i Masllorens, Josep; Torrent i Sellens, Joan; Vilaseca i Requena, Jordi
Análisis fílmico y audiovisual
Brisset, Demetrio E.

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