Apr 17, 2014

New Collection: Visor Libros

Digitalia presents the best collection of poetry in Spanish Language.

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New Collection: Arte Público Press

The oldest and most accomplished publisher of contemporary and recovered literature by U.S. Hispanic authors.

  Universitas Castellae is a private center dedicated to research and specialized in teaching Spanish language and culture to foreign university students.

In support of its teaching, Universitas Castellae, along with other collaborating institutions, promotes an integrated project of the research development of Spanish language and literature, whose first results are translated in the edition of the Siglo Diecinueve, Hecho Teatral, La Nueva Literatura Hispánica and Revista Iberoamericana de Lingüística, as well as of the Collections Español Lengua Extranjera, Anejos Siglo Diecinueve, Cultura Iberoamericana and an International Congress organized together with McGill University.


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Ciudades vivas/ciudades muertas
Fuente Ballesteros, Ricardo de la; Sibbald, K. M; Díaz, J.
El 27 lúdrico
Bolaños-Fabres, Patricia
El clamor del silencio
Pascual Gay, Juan
El cuerpo enfermo
Fuente Ballesteros, Ricardo de la; Pérez-Magallón, J.
El humorismo: técnica de cortesía
Carrasco Santana, Antonio
Fantasías y fantasmas de Quito
Ulibarrí, Sabine L.
La comicidad surrealista
Díaz-Varela, Cristina
Las representaciones de la mujer en la cultura hispánica
Fuente Ballesteros, Ricardo de la; Sibbald, K.M
Memorias y olvidos
Fuente Ballesteros, Ricardo de la; Pérez Magallón, J.; Sibbald, K.M

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