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New Collection: Galaxia Gutenberg

Digitalia presents the catalog of Galaxia Gutenberg, the prestigious editorial house with strong cultural content.

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New Collection: Visor Libros

Digitalia presents the best collection of poetry in Spanish Language.


El Viejo Topo

"El Viejo Topo" pages give place for inquiring and critical thinking and, therefore, for action in a world that does not stand out for its sense of justice, equality, solidarity and defense of freedoms. In this way, "El Viejo Topo" wants to contribute to the renewal, from a critical perspective, of a scenario that includes economic, social, culture and counterculture, science, power and its denial, politics and thought, addressed to those who are not satisfied with what things look like, and want to know what things are.



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Bolivia en Movimiento Acción colectiva y poder político
Espasandin, Jesús; Iglesias Turrión, Pablo
Caos en la alimentación
Pérez, Mª Isabel
De un octubre a otro
Martín Ramos, José Luis
Caballé, Eva
El colapso de la globalización
Piqueras, Andrés; Diercksens, Wim
El equipo de choque de la CIA
Calvo Ospina, Hernando

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