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UAM Ediciones

UAM Ediciones is the Publications Service of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, aimed at the public projection of the knowledge and achievements in the fields of teaching, research and dissemination of the culture committed to the University. Likewise it also edits those other works generated outside the university, when they deserve it because of their quality and timeliness, judging by the Committee on Publications of the UAM.

UAM Ediciones
is part of the Union of Spanish University Publishers, contributing to the renewal and distribution of publications of universities and research institutes of Spain.


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Campus ELE 1 (A1)
Gozalo Gómez, Paula; Martín Rodríguez, María Eugenia
El camino hacia Bolonia
Turmo Arna, Jorgel (Editor)
Evaluación Psicológica
Tapia, Jesús Alonso
Introducción a la cromatografía líquida en alta resolución
Gismera García, María Jesús; Quintana Mani María; del Pilar da Silva de Campos, María del Carmen
Introducción a la Historia del Mundo Islámico
López García,Bernabé; Bravo López, Fernando

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