Sep 16, 2014

New Collection: Galaxia Gutenberg

Digitalia presents the catalog of Galaxia Gutenberg, the prestigious editorial house with strong cultural content.

Read more... Apr 17, 2014

New Collection: Visor Libros

Digitalia presents the best collection of poetry in Spanish Language.


Download MARC Records

Digitalia MARC 21 records can be downloaded here by library professionals free of charge and they can be loaded into your library's catalog directly. MARC records for both books and journals are in MARC 21 format and created using AACR2 cataloging rules. Digitalia records are compliant with NACO and SACO, and Library of Congress guidelines, contain LC call numbers, and are provided in MARC 21 format with MARC-8 character encoding.
Consult the MARC Records Announcement's section (bellow) to see changes in the Digitalia MARC records.

A. MARC Records for Books at Digitalia Database

At present we can offer full sets of records to: 1) Institutions with subscrition (Premium Collection); 2) Institutions that acquire Collection(s). 

  1. Premium Collection (Institutions with Subscription) : After obtaining the password from the Digitalia Tech Support, you can directly download records here
    1. Marc Records [Pre-RDA]:
    2. Marc Records [following RDA rules]:
  2. Purchased Collection: You will receive customized MARC records for the acquired collections. Please email Digitalia Technical Department to request these records. 

B. MARC Records for Journals

At present we can offer the full set of records for all journals launched in the Digitalia database at the beginning of the current subscription year. We will provide yearly updates for new titles added into the database.

  1. Premium Collection: You can directly download records here:
  2. Enhanced Journal Titles:
    For certain journals, each volume also has a distinctive title. You can download here these enhanced records, organized by journal title.

C. MARC Email Notification

To receive e-mail notification when record sets or updated record sets are available, please email Digitalia Technical Department requesting these records.


MARC Records Announcements

June 2014

    • Every MARC record after June 1, 2014 will be created following RDA rules.
    • MARC records will be catalog in English language following the Library of Congress Neutral-Record Metadata for e-books.
    • Field 040 will be added including the OCLC code for Digitalia: DGITA
      =040 \\$aDGITA$beng$erda$epn$cDGITA 
    • Field 003 will be added including the assigned NUC code for Digitalia as an aggregator vendor: NyNyDIG.
    • When the e-book is derivate from print, field 776 will be included.
    • Following request from some clients we are including two fields that will help tracking Digitalia e-books in local catalogs. These two fields are:
      =791 \\$aDigitalia (Firm)$edistributor.
      =793 \\$aDigitalia eBook Collection: [name of the publisher/collection].
    • We will include only one =856 for each record that will help to link the Marc record with the specific Digitalia database. We are not including any link connecting the marc record with any book index or any book reviews. Contents will be included in field 505 and abstracts in field 520.
    • The subfield #3 in =856 will indicate the exact database a given in institution is connecting: Digitalia Hispánica / Digitalia Catalán / Digitalia Public Libraries / Digitalia Français / Digitalia Portuguese or Digitalia Film.








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