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Interpreting quantum mechanics : a historical approach

Interpreting quantum mechanics : a historical approach

  • Auteur: Cala Vitery, Favio; Eslava Castañeda, Édgar Gustavo
  • Éditeur: Editorial Jorge Tadeo Lozano
  • ISBN: 9789587251821
  • Lieu de publication:  Bogotá , Colombia
  • Année: 2016
  • Pages: 147

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This book condenses some of the critical features of the discussion about the interpretative problems of quantum mechanics, pointing out some possible ways out of the conundrum. In order to set the road for these matters, chapter one introduces a conceptual history of the theory and its alternative interpretations. Chapter two profiles a taxonomy of the interpretative problems and some possible solutions, focused in the so-called measurement problem. Chapter three questions the thesis of quantum mechanics becoming what it is due to historical contingency. Finally, in chapter four, an argument is advanced to consider one particular interpretation –the causal account- as an alternative view that may help with the solution of the interpretative knot.