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How to develop leadership competencies

How to develop leadership competencies

  • Auteur: Cardona Soriano, Pablo; García-Lombardía, Pilar
  • Éditeur: Ediciones Universidad de Navarra
  • ISBN: 9788431323301
  • Lieu de publication:  Navarra , Spain
  • Année: 2005
  • Pages: 194

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How to develop leadership competencies provides the reader with all the ingredients for developing leadership in a company. The first part will enrich his knowledge of management competencies, the different types of competencies, and why companies need competency-based leadership. The second part will help him to diagnose his own strengths and areas for improvement. The third part is a perfect guide to help the leader improve as a person and as a coach. Lastly, the Annexe and Appendices contain complementary information and tools to ensure that the whole process is professionally managed and governed from the start. With these high quality ingredients and a reader who is willing to improve, success in acquiring personal, professional and business leadership is guaranteed.

This book brings the reader face to face with himself: it is a mirror that calls out to be used. It is not a book for everyone else. It is for you. Use it. Benefit from it. Set yourself high and inspiring targets for improvement. Commit yourself to a path of continuous improvement, not of processes but of your own life. It is worth it.