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España Peregrina. Junta de la Cultura Española.
Founded in Mexico by Jose Bergamin, España Peregrina is one of the leading literary magazines published by the exiles in America. Eight issues were published in the period from February to October 1940. Among his collaborators are intellectuals like Juan Larrea, Francisco Giner de los Rios, Pedro Garfias, Juan Vicens and others who accompanied on the short voyage Bergamin the magazine.



España Peregrina

España Peregrina. Board of Spanish Culture. Founded in México by José Bergamín

  • Publisher: Junta de cultura española
  • Place of publication:  Mexico DF, Mexico
  • Language : Spanish

    Available issues

  • 1941   10
  • 1940   1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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